The Good Girlfriend’s Guide To Getting Even…

Have you ever had to change firm plans at the last minute because of a match? A spontaneous weekend away becomes ‘a lot less’ spontaneous because your boyfriend/husband has to study the fixtures first? Well, for all hints and tips on how to get ‘even’, then look no further… Your perfect ‘How To’ guide is here!

Lexi and Will have been together for 7 years and is now used to all of his little sporting quirks, including having to keep a Kindle in her bag for those evenings in the pub that would ultimately end up with Will glued to Sky Sports. She consoled herself by seeing it as ‘quality time together’. Which it is, isn’t it?

Until the day of Lexi’s best friends Wedding. All ready to go and the taxi practically en route, and Will is groaning of stomach cramps and feeling dreadful. But being man he, doesn’t want Lexi to attend the wedding alone and insists that he’ll be fine. However, Lexi, feeling sorry for him and being the ever supportive girlfriend, suggests that he doesn’t go and offers to stay behind so she can look after him. After much deliberation, it’s decided that Will stays at home and Lexi goes to the Wedding. 

Everything seems to be going OK until Lexi gets a text, a photo message, from her Boss. Opening it with fear that it might be one of those ‘drunken’ images, she’s stunned to discover a photo of a crowd at a football match… Of Will, in said crowd.. and looking a lot healthier!!! 

Right! That’s it!.. Let the game of revenge begin. 

So, armed with her feminine wiles and alcohol, Lexi comes up with one ingenious plan after another to get her own back. Using the homework brief she was giving from her writing group, she can kill two birds with one stone and write about her antics on her blog. After all, it’s not like anyone’s going to read it, is it? 

This book delivers a witty cocktail of revenge, frolics, sass and cunning… and Pinot Grigio. Fans of this genre, don’t miss out!

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If, like me, you love to travel to distant places and immerse yourself in the local history and culture, then you’ll have to go a long way to beat what the eastern side of the globe has to offer. With all its Souks, crammed with locally made items and full of the wonderful aromas of spices and Dates, to say nothing of the ornate, centuries old architecture. Morocco is a fantastic place to start!


Casablanca, made famous for its connection with the movie quote ‘Play it again, Sam!’, is the business capital of Morocco. Although there is a Souk, for those of us that love a local bargain and an opportunity to practise our haggling skills, many of the buildings are what you’d expect from a modern city. But if you’d rather see something more indicative of your trip, then the architecturally stunning Hussan II Mosque is a must. The Mosque is purpose built for tourism so non-Muslims can visit. In fact, it’s the only Mosque that non-Muslims can visit in Morocco. Plus, they offer optional guided tours if you prefer to feel fully informed while you wander around. However, the Mosque is still used for prayer, therefore visiting is reduced to certain hours of the day and celebrations such as Ramadan can alter these, so it’s advisable to do your research in advance to avoid disappointment. 

If you’re lucky enough for your holiday to include a visit to Rissani or Erfoud, then you simply cannot pass up the opportunity to drive in to the Sahara. Covering a staggering 9,200,000 square kilometres, the Sahara is the third largest desert in the world, and the beautiful Erg Chebbi dunes are but a short drive away. However, if you’re feeling inspired by Lawrence of Arabia, why not go in true Arab style, by Camel (or Desert Limo as they’re otherwise known) and take a relaxing stroll up. The dunes span an area of 50 km and can reach heights of up to 150 meters in places, so it’s a perfect place to settle yourself and be camera-ready for a magical sunset, and a truly unforgettable experience. 

Film buffs out there may relish the opportunity to visit the kasbah of Ait Benn-Haddou, famously featured in the film ‘The Gladiator’. The hillside kasbah has remained unchanged for centuries and is jam packed with character. Divided down the middle by a river that is dry more than it is full, both the old and new towns provide plenty to see and opportunities to purchase.

So, if you’re wanting a trip that offers similar delights to those of the Middle East, without travelling to those lengths, then Morocco is full of eastern promise. 

Important Travel Advice: If you are a female traveller, you will need to have your head, shoulders and legs covered down to the knee to gain entry to religious sites. Entry will be denied to those who don’t. 

Guilty Wives…

Four friends, four days, one nightmare…

Abbie Elliott was taking a fun and fancy-free ‘No Husbands Allowed’ short break to Monte Carlo with three of her best friends. Serena, Winnie and Bryah. Poolside cocktails by day, Casino’s and champagne by night. Perfect!

But you add four men and a wild party on a yacht to the cocktails and Casinos, and you have a heady and dangerous mix. A dark twist comes the following morning when the girls awake to find that two of the men have vanished and the other two have been shot dead. They are the only suspects. 

Minutes later, they’re dragged off in handcuffs by the Monte Carlo Police and all four girls are accused of murder. A rushed trial takes place but not all of the girls are allowed to take the stand… None the less, hefty sentences are given out. Something isn’t right…

Although now in Prison, and serving unjust punishments, someone, somewhere, wants Abbie dead. This is now a race against time to find out what really happened on that night and why, or who, wants Abbie out of the way, for good. 

‘Guilty Wives’ is a gripping, fast paced collaboration between James Patterson and David Ellis, that keeps you guessing right through to the end. I was hooked from page one! If you’re a fan of thrillers, then one is not to be missed!

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Eeny Meeny… 

Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe… One of us will die, you know.

How far would you go to save your life?… Would you murder someone you cared about? Someone you loved?

A young girl, filthy and emmaciated, had the most unbelievable story to tell the Police… And it was all true! 

A few days later, another victim was found, with the same chilling tale to tell. He’d been abducted with a colleague, locked up and starved. No food, no water, but they had been given a gun, and a horrific ultimatum. One of them was to die, and they had to decide which one. The gun had just one bullet, and whoever pulled the trigger, got to live to tell the tale. 

Detective Inspector Helen Grace is in charge of the team working the case, and it isn’t long before a pattern formed indicating a serial killer at work. 

As the victims and stories mount up, Grace soon realises that she’s linked to all these people, one way or another, and wonders if she could be part of this somehow… Part of the killers endgame. 

The pressure is mounting and the hunt is on… There’s a problem though, the killer seems to be one step ahead and Grace can’t seem to catch a break. Will she catch the killer before she herself becomes the next victim in this cat and mouse game? 

‘Eeny, Meeny’ is the first of four DI Grace novels by M.J. Arlidge. An exciting, fast paced thriller guaranteed not to disappoint. For your copy of this brilliant page-turner, follow the link:

The King’s Sister…

Born the daughter of a Duke in to one of the foremost families of the Plantagenet dynasty, Elizabeth of Lancaster knew her life would never be her own to command. 

Married off at 17 to Jonty, a 10 year old boy, it’s fair to say that this isn’t what she’d envisaged married life to be like, she was miserable. She wanted a Husband who was of an age to be a true Husband to her, in every way. 

As the years went on, Elizabeth became aware of a dashing courtier by the name of Sir John Holland. He started to court her, and although she knew she shouldn’t, she reciprocated… and she liked it. Through brief intimacies snatched here and there, they fell in love and Elizabeth eventually fell pregnant. They decided to appeal to the Duke for an annulment of Elizabeth’s marriage to Jonty so she and Holland could be married and live the life together they’d desperately wanted for so long. 

Several children later, years of happiness and more than one change of allegiance, Holland managed to bring about his own execution leaving Elizabeth devastated and alone, and her brother, the King, trying to marry her off again only 6 month later. Is this what she wants?… More importantly, can she fight for what she doesn’t want? 

Anne O’Brien tells a brilliantly written tale of love and loss, of a young woman trying to survive a mans world during a time when your family livery was the difference between life and death, and everything constantly hanging in the balance. 
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Lust, Money & Murder…

Elaine Brogan was 4 years old when her father told her that her Great-Great-Great-Great Grandmother was an Irish princess who lived in a castle. At 6 she realised her father wasn’t the man she’d idolised and that they weren’t living in the best part of town. Her Father was a construction worker and they were living in a run down part of town. 

Although he wasn’t earning a lot, her Father decided to send her to the Bromley Academy for Girls and give her the best start he could. It was expensive, but by hook or by crook, he’d find the money, somehow. 

Working in a shopping mall at 16, Elaine was approached by a man about a modelling job at the Rising Star Modelling Agency. She went along to the Agency to see what it was all about. She was swept away with the glamour and promptly decided that this was the career for her. 

She emptied her bank account to pay for shots for a Comp Card and waited for phone calls. Non came. She went back to the agency only to discover that there were further things she needed to pay for in order to be taken seriously as a model. This time the cost was $2000, money she didn’t have. Her Father, not wanting to have his daughters hopes dashed, offered to pay. Elaine tried not to think about where the money would come from, even though she knew her Father probably wouldn’t have it. 

It wasn’t long before Elaine found out it was a scam, they’d been robbed blind. The company was as crooked as they come, a front for counterfeiting and laundering, and as her Father had paid cash for Elaine’s portfolio, the authorities deemed him to be involved and promptly gave him a sentence to serve. Unable to cope with life in Prison, Patrick Brogan committed suicide. 

Determined to lay the blame of Patrick’s suicide firmly at their door, Elaine went back to the Rising Star to confront them, only to find that the office space was empty, they’d packed up and gone… A moonlight flit. 

Hellbent on exacting revenge on the man she believed brought about her Fathers suicide, she decided to join the Secret Service and do it by the book. The tough and gruelling training program ensures that it will be a long journey…

Can she manage to track down the man who’s seemingly disappeared? Will she get the revenge she craves? ‘Lust, Money & Murder’ is the first book and I’m looking forward to the next instalment of this exciting trilogy. 

Not A Penny More, Not A Penny Less… 

Harvey Metcalfe made his millions by walking over just about everyone. He didn’t care. If you were stupid enough to get in his way, he’d just mow you down and leave you to pick up the pieces and put your life back together. 

Starting out as a young messenger boy in the 1920’s on the Stock Exchange, he read the messages, learned fast, and was soon making fairly sizeable deposits into his bank account. Slowly building up a tidy little sum. 

By the time he was in his 50’s, he was the Master of the Scam, he had made his millions and yet another new scam was in the making. He would float a new company on the Stock Market, create a buzz to drive the share price up then overnight, take what everyone had put in, leaving some almost penniless. ‘Prospecta Oil’ was born. He just needed a keen and promising young man, still wet behind the ears, to be the fall guy and do all the dirty work, after all, he couldn’t be seen to be connected with it should there be an investigation. Enter Harvard graduate, David Kesler. 

Feeling rather pleased with himself at being given this exciting opportunity, David Kesler was keen to make a good impression on his new boss, and at every opportunity would talk about Prospecta Oil to people he met and encourage them to invest in shares in the Company. The geological report was worded in a way that almost promised a good return on any investment, and to prove it, he’d even invested some of his own money in the company. 

Four men from different walks of life, a Harley Street Doctor, an Earl, and Art Dealer from Bond Street and a don from Oxford, all invest their hard earned cash with the idea of making a killing on the Stock Market. Little did they know that in a few short days, they’d all be penniless. 

Not wanting to take this lying down, the four men get together and decide to get even with Metcalfe. Each of them agreeing to concoct their own scams to get back what Harvey Metcalfe stole from them. Between them they’ve lost $1,000,000.00, and that’s the figure they intend to retrieve. Not a penny more, not a penny less… 

Jeffrey Archer’s ‘Not A Penny More, Not A Penny Less’ is a brilliant and intelligently clever page turner that will keep you guessing from start to finish. This is the second time I’ve read this book, and it won’t be the last. If you haven’t read this already, then put this one on your list. 

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A Dangerous Inheritance…

Picture the scene… The King is dying!… The year is 1553 and Edward VI’s Consumption grows worse by the day… ‘He is not long for this world..’ With the country still in religious turmoil following Henry VIII’s break from Rome in 1536, settling on another Protestant for the succession is key. 

The Duke of Northumberland, in a bid to further advance himself, settles on the idea to put his daughter-in-law, Jane, on the thrown, but Edward is not convinced. He believes his sister, Mary, is the rightful Heir, being his eldest sister. Unbeknownst to Edward, Northumberland uses poison to keep him alive, albeit in excruciating pain, until he comes around to his way of thinking. After much persuasion from Northumberland, and much suffering from Edward, he finally agrees and the ‘Devise for Succession’ is signed. The Lady Jane Dudley will be Queen of England. 

Jane’s sister, Katherine, has also made a very good match to Henry Herbert, and is now living in their marital home of Baynards Castle. It is Katherine that this novel centres around. Finding her way around the Castle one day, she comes across a chest housing some papers and a pendant. The papers contain notes regarding the disappearance of the two Princes from the Tower some 80 years earlier. 

She sets about making Enquiries but Katherine has to be careful to whom she speaks to prevent her facing dire consequences should she be discovered asking the ‘wrong kind of questions’ . But, her enquiries reach the ear of the Queen (Elizabeth), and fearing her Throne might be threatened by yet another member of the Grey family, puts Katherine in the Tower. She’s alone and pregnant, but must wait to see if the Queen will be merciful. 

Meanwhile, back in 1483, Kat, the illegitimate daughter of Richard III, is hearing rumours that the Princes haven’t been seen out in public for some time, they have simply vanished, thus ensuring her Father will be crowned King. Richard III is now on the Throne. Poisonous whispers follow her wherever she goes and she feels she desperately needs to put this horrid rumour to ground to prevent the people from rising against Richard. After all, her own Father wouldn’t have two young boys murdered for the sake of a crown, would he?!… 

In ‘A Dangerous Inheritance’, Alison Weir weaves two turbulent periods together seamlessly, indicating the fine, knife-edge line between favour and traitor, to perfection. 

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Dying For Christmas…


I think I can honestly say that all women (and I do mean all), have been here. A good looking man with piercing blue eyes that you could easily spend the rest of your life getting lost in, tells you you’re beautiful, and that’s it!.. You turn to mush and start smiling like you’ve swallowed a hanger. And to quote the book, ‘putty, meet hand’. Yep! That’s me! And it sure as hell is you as well, don’t deny it! I know for a fact that I’m not on my own here. 

Well, this is exactly what happened to Jessica Gold. It’s approaching Christmas and shoppers are out in their thousands. Taking a well-earned rest in a coffee shop, she’s approached by Dominic Lacey, (good looking, piercing blue eyes, says all the right things.. We’ve spoken about this, remember?). After a brief, and very flattering, conversation, she agrees to go back to his apartment for a little drink. It is Christmas, after all, good will to all men and all that?!.. 

Champagne is sipped, conversations had, it’s all quite pleasant and amicable, until she requests to leave.. and this is where the nightmare begins..

All Dominic wants is some company for the 12 days of Christmas. He has gifts all beautifully wrapped under the tree and the fridge stocked, and now he has Jessica. Perfect!.. Only, it’s not perfect, far from it. Lacey is a psychopath with a twisted childhood, and the gifts under the tree are little reminders of that childhood and time spent with ‘now vanished’ ex wives. All wrapped up for Jessica as part of ‘getting to know you’. She’s forbidden to use the bathroom alone and the sleeping arrangements are psychologically scarring. At this point in time, the only gift she wants is freedom…

There are 12 gifts in all, 1 for each of the 12 days of Christmas. What Jessica wants to know is, what will happen to her on the twelfth day? Will she be allowed to go home and have a belated Christmas with her much missed family?.. Or does Dominic have a much more grizzly plan for her?..

The Police are on the case questioning family and work colleagues to find out more about her disappearance, but the more Kim (the Detective) finds out about Jessica, the more things don’t seem to add up. Something isn’t right but she just can’t put her finger on it..

Tammy Cohen’s ‘Dying For Christmas’  has more unexpected twists and turns than a roller coaster and will keep you guessing at what has ‘actually’ happened.. and how?.. and why? right up to the last page. 

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The Last 10 Seconds…

The City of London has been haunted by a reign of terror lasting two years. A brutal serial killer, named by the tabloids as the Night Creeper (aka Andrew Kent), has attcked 5 women in the most sickening way. Known for bending the rules to get results, DI Tina Boyd is on the case to track him down. 

Meanwhile, Undercover Cop, Sean Egan, is determined to get justice for the murder of his brother, killed by a gang some years earlier, even if it means serving it himself. Egan infiltrates the gang and makes himself a trusted member of the team. But the gang have been hired to do a job, one that goes against everything Egan stands for. Ignoring the fact that his whole career hangs on all this going to plan.

The job goes wrong!.. Almost everyone in the gang is killed and whoever is responsible is now after Egan. The discovery that this job is part of a massive cover-up, means that both Boyd and Egan are now in danger. 

With the race against time on and the net closing in, they must move fast if they’re to stay alive. Will they catch the Night Creeper in time?.. And just who is behind the cover-up?

‘The Last 10 Seconds’ is the 5th book in the Tina Boyd series of novels, and in this, Simon Kernick delivers a gritty and fast paced novel that will have you gripped from start to finish and leave crime thriller fans breathless. 

You can purchase you own copy on the following link: